Multi-award winning photographer Michael O'Flanagan of O'Flanagan Photography is based in Ennis,
Co. Clare, Ireland. He specialises in the creation of fine photographs and his current, principal areas of interest are:
• Landscape Photography • Seascape Photography • Aerial Photography • People & Places Photography.

Michael O'Flanagan is a Licentiate of the Irish Professional Photographers' and Videographers' Association (I.P.P.V.A.) and in the I.P.P.V.A's Annual Photographer of the Year Awards, he has won Gold, Silver and Bronze Awards for his photographic work. As a Finalist in the 2012 Awards, he was also presented with a Certificate of Excellence Award. He is also a member of the National Union of Journalists (N.U.J.).

He has a Ph.D. in Law on "The Legal Rights and Restrictions on Taking and Publishing Photographs" - the first Ph.D. in Law awarded in Ireland on this topic. He also holds a Bachelor of Laws, a Bachelor of Business Studies specialising in Marketing Management and a Graduateship of the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

Michael O'Flanagan has been in photography for many years. He has quality marketing services management experience and has worked on advertising and press and public relations campaigns for both the Irish and overseas markets, which required the generation and use of fine photographic images.

His photographic work has been used in corporate annual reports, promotional literature, graphic display systems and trade fair stands, websites, advertisements and public relations campaigns. Images created by Michael O'Flanagan have been published in Ireland and overseas in magazines and newspapers and both in books and as book covers. Other images have featured on promotional products such as postcards, bookmarks, calendars, keyrings, fridge magnets and lithographic posters.

Michael O'Flanagan was a joint participant in the Irish Professional Photographers’ and Videographers' Association’s 2012 Touring Exhibition, which was displayed in a number of Ireland’s cities. The exhibition featured Gold & Silver Award Winners from the Heats of the I.P.P.V.A. 2012 Photographer of the Year Awards.

Ag Teacht is ag Imeacht: Launched in May 2013, this solo, permanent photographic exhibition at Áras Éanna (Arts Centre), Inis Oírr (the smallest of the Aran Islands) documents Inis Oírr, the island's modernisation and developments and its people from the 1970s to 2012.

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